Protest graphics

Making a sign for a march or a protest does not have to be hard or expensive.
Print from this page with an at-home printer, and follow the instructions below.

Materials needed

  • 1 printed protest graphicSee below
  • Cardboard box (like 2 large cereal boxes, a shipping box, or poster board)
  • Strong clear tape (like packing tape)
  • Scissors


  1. Print one of the PDFs at the bottom of this page. It will print on 4 sheets of paper, on standard 8x11.5" letter size.
  2. Following the dotted lines on the printed paper, either fold or cut off the excess paper.
  3. Put the pages together like a jigsaw puzzle, and hold together with tape.
  4. Open the cereal boxes fully to lay them flat. The boxes can be cut open down one corner, or carefully pulled open along glue lines.
  5. (Optional) Cut and remove the extra tabs.
  6. Lay the cereal boxes with the long edges next to each other. Then overlap the cereal boxes along the long edges. About 1-2 inches, or 1-2 finger widths.
  7. Tape the cereal boxes together. Flip the boxes over, and tape the back as well so that the sign is sturdier.
  8. Tape together the printed poster and the cereal boxes, and you’re good to go!

Protest Graphics

Brought to you by Substantial and Sugarpill in Capitol Hill of Seattle, WA
Love is Action is meant to be a reminder of the power we each have to affect the world around us and we release our designs and assets to that end. As such, we do not necessarily endorse every use of those assets.